Intellectual Property - Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

• The attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil D. Kodsi are fully equipped to take on the challenges presented by intellectual property cases. They have represented patent-holders seeking damages for infringement of their patents, as well as individuals and corporations that have been accused of patent infringement.

• Mr. Barman is the primary attorney at the firm responsible for assisting clients with obtaining patents, copyrights and trademarks. He has extensive legal and scientific experience related to intellectual property matters in the medical, personal care chemistry, and pharmaceutical industries. He also has patented inventions in these and many other areas. Some of his current clients have patented mechanical, computer, medical, and sports related articles just to name a few. His clients also include Patent Attorneys who are in need of a patent professional in the prosecution of chemical and pharmaceutical patents.

• Mr. Kodsi is the primary attorney at the firm responsible for intellectual property litigation. He has spent the last twenty (20) years litigating cases that involve highly complex scientific and technical issues. These skills translate well into the complexity of Intellectual Property litigation and he has been called upon by numerous clients to assist them in navigating through the frequent minefields of intellectual property litigation in Federal Court.